Michigan Nurses Foundation's endowment supports nurses helping nurses

The Michigan Nurses Foundation advances nursing by awarding education scholarships and providing research grants. The foundation also provides grants to support nurses who are recovering from addiction.

More than 100,000 nurses are working to keep Michigan residents healthy. They’re caring for patients and studying to keep their skills and knowledge fresh and sharp.

So who is taking care of them? Other nurses.

The Michigan Nurses Foundation has an endowment fund that awards research grants, and two scholarship funds to help current nurses pay for continuing education and to aid nursing students. MNF also offers grants to nurses who are battling addiction.

“As I went through nursing school, I had people support me in so many different ways,” said Diane Goddeeris, a registered nurse at Sparrow Hospital. She and her husband, John, created a scholarship fund to help nurses.

“For working nurses, it’s very difficult to find the time and money to be able to attend the conferences and classes they’re required to attend to maintain their license,” Goddeeris said.

“Because of that challenge, it’s often the administrators who are going to these trainings, yet the people who are at the bedside, giving the care, are not the ones who have the opportunities to see the latest and greatest practices and research.” These scholarships aim to change that.

Our money is working harder for us than ever before. We were able to double the amount of scholarships we’re giving to nurses because of that."

— Jesusa Vasquez, Michigan Nurses Foundation

Jesusa Vasquez, president of the Michigan Nurses Foundation and an RN at Sparrow Hospital, said the foundation is seeing a tremendous investment benefit from having an endowment fund with our Community Foundation.

“It’s really about having generations of nurses help the next generation,” Goddeeris added. “Not everyone is going to need each of the scholarships we offer, but it’s important that they’re available. There’s definitely a need.”

So far, MNF has been able to meet all the requests for scholarship support and assistance. “And now that we’re with CRCF, we feel we have a more solid financial base to help nurses,” Vasquez said.

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