Types of funds at our Community Foundation

As investment opportunities go, this one is sure win!

The many types of funds available to you through our Community Foundation enable you to give your way -- according to your wants and needs. On your timetable. And regardless of what type of fund you choose, you have our assurance that you'll make a big difference in your community.

You may donate to an existing fund or establish your own, named fund with a donation of $10,000 or more, depending on the type of fund.

Consider fund types:

  • Named, undesignated funds enable you and the foundation to respond to our community’s needs. Funds such as the Community Foundation’s Leadership Fund provide you the option to make a meaningful investment in our community.
  • Field-of-interest funds allow you to concentrate your giving on a particular issue or geographic area – such as ending hunger, protecting the environment or improving education. You direct your giving to the nonprofits addressing your concerns.
  • Donor-advised funds eliminate the need for a private foundation. You focus on giving to nonprofits of your choosing; we take care of the paperwork.
  • Named-scholarship funds can benefit individuals attending specific institutions or those with particular backgrounds or interests. You may also set guidelines for candidate selection and scholarship awards.
  • Designated funds support your charitable organizations of choice.
  • Agency endowment funds are set up by nonprofits to grow their assets and, in so doing, provide permanent sources of revenue for those organizations.

For families, this is a significant tool that can support and honor the values and goals created during the donor’s lifetime.”

— Mark Hooper, CPA, partner, Andrews Hooper and Pavlik PLC

We're happy to work with you and your advisors

A community foundation is a single, trusted vehicle you can use to address issues that matter to you, while gaining the maximum tax benefit under state and federal law. We augment your professional advisor’s services, offering personalized attention, local expertise and community-wide reach.

Our business is building community. Take a look at our Giving Guide and information for professional advisors. Then, get in touch.

We'll show you outcomes

More than $40 million grants have been awarded since our Community Foundation's founding in 1987. Today, we manage more than $83 million in total assets. And those numbers wouldn’t be possible but for the donations of like-minded individuals to more than 400 funds.

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