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We’re having an impact on mid-Michigan’s arts and culture, environment, education system, health and human services. We’re seeing nonprofits tackle chronic issues, such as homeless, domestic abuse, SIDS, hunger and addiction. There’s a lot of good being done here.

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The $15,000 grant we received from the Capital Region Community Foundation enabled us to enroll 22 new students this past academic year. It was our largest class since we opened. We were also able to purchase some supplies for the classroom, which is huge. So often we’re buying things out of our own pockets.”

— Paula Frantz, Global Institute of Lansing program administrator

Our Grantees: Making a difference daily

A Growing Opportunity

Swiss chard. Bok choi. Lettuce. Fresh herbs. These aren’t typical kid-favorite foods. But get kids involved in the growing process, and suddenly they’re not only excited about them, they’re eating them.
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Learning in Lansing

Lansing Community College, St. Vincent Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, teachers and foster parents of refugee youth worked together to determine how to address this problem. They saw firsthand the negative impact the lack of a diploma was having on the students.
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Protecting our waterways: MGROW program awarded 2013 Impact Grant

Our Community Foundation's 2013 Impact Grant was awarded to the Eaton Conservation District's Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds program. The $75,000 impact grant provides the experienced, professional staff necessary to address the specific needs identified by each local watershed and water quality program MGROW serves.
Read more about Protecting our Waterways

Nature A-Bounds! at the Fenner Nature Center

Right in the heart of Lansing, kids are getting lost in the woods. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing. Thanks to a $14,750 grant to Fenner Conservancy, Fenner Nature Center’s Nature A-Bounds! program is serving more than 1,650 Head Start students in Ingham, Eaton, Clinton and Shiawassee counties by getting them active in the outdoors.
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LCC Foundation: From Unemployed to Employed

In 2000, someone 50 or older needed 14 weeks to find a new job; now it’s taking 57 weeks. These resume gaps often are a deterrent to employers. A $14,940 grant to the Lansing Community College Foundation provides targeted, intensive job-seeking assistance to a growing segment of older workers who are being left behind.
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National Council on Alcoholism: A lifeline for low-income residents

Over the past five years, the statewide substance abuse system has gone back to its roots, returning to a recovery method of care. A $10,000 grant to the National Council on Alcoholism/Lansing Regional Area provides low-income people in our region with treatment for addiction.
Read more about the National Council on Alcoholism/Lansing Regional Area

Many Hands Foundation

Roughly 10,000 children in Ingham County struggle with hunger outside of school, making them twice as likely to have to repeat a grade or need special education. Weekend Survival Kits assembled by the Many Hands Foundation serve children who are food insecure during non-school hours, specifically on the weekends. The program does this by discretely distributing food bags to the students to take home for weekend meals.
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SIREN/Eaton Shelter

Housed in the beautiful, historic Masonic Temple building in downtown Charlotte, the SIREN/Eaton Shelter began as two separate agencies. SIREN, a domestic violence shelter, was run by volunteers who staffed the hotline and produced a newsletter. Eaton Shelter focused on homelessness.
Read more about the SIREN/Eaton Shelter

Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region

Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region targets youth who are most at risk and prioritizes those from low-income, single-parent households. “The Community Foundation has a great interest in collaboration — both for ourselves and for the programs we support through grants,” said Dennis Fliehman, president and CEO of the Community Foundation. “It’s wonderful to see the impact of this project."
Read more about Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region

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