Protecting our waterways: MGROW program awarded 2013 Impact Grant

The Capital Region Community Foundation's 2013 Impact Grant was awarded to the Eaton Conservation District's Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds program.

MGROW was established to protect and preserve the history and natural resources of the Middle Grand River watershed by promoting education, conservation, restoration and recreational activities.

The Middle Grand River Watershed covers more than 1.25 million acres in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties. It's the second largest and most populous watershed in Michigan. Eventually, all the water flowing into the entire Grand River Watershed makes its way to Lake Michigan.

The $75,000 impact grant provides the experienced, professional staff necessary to address the specific needs identified by each local watershed and water quality program MGROW serves.

"There are numerous watershed planning and implementation initiatives taking place in our community right now. This couldn't have come at a more vital time to capitalize on our resources as a region."

— Andrea Stay, executive director of the Eaton Conservation District

"Water is a vital and essential resource for human life and community sustainability. Without clean water we cannot expect our communities to thrive," said Rachel Loucks, watershed coordinator. "Whether our communities value agriculture, access to food, public green space, recreation, fishing, industry, health or energy, water is a piece of it all."

CRCF's annual awarding of the impact grant is designed to benefit organizations that maximize their impact by working together for a common cause.

"The MGROW project is an excellent example of how like-minded groups came together for the greater good of our region," said CRCF president and CEO Dennis Fliehman. "We are excited to see the progress of this project."

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