Our Community Foundation's Legacy Society

Make a bequest or other planned gift to our Community Foundation and you join our Legacy Society, a group of other like-minded individuals intent on a better future for our community.

Becoming a Legacy Society member is simple: include the Capital Region Community Foundation in your estate plan through your will or trust, or make a contribution via a charitable gift annuity, life insurance, retirement fund assets or a charitable remainder or lead trust.

Then, notify us of your plan so that we can include you on our membership rolls.

And you’re done.

As beneficiary of your deferred gift, the Community Foundation is charged with the trust and responsibility of carrying out your wishes. Our Community Foundation has a permanent commitment to recognize and address community needs and to take advantage of high-impact funding opportunities.

Your gift helps us achieve that.

Of course, we respect your wishes regarding privacy, too. You are welcome to remain anonymous in your giving. However, participation in the Legacy Society can be an inspirational experience and may motivate others.

Interested? Contact us.

3 reasons why working with us is a good idea

  1. Permanence. Our Community Foundation is a permanent fixture in mid-Michigan. We’ll never leave, go out of business or retire. The power of endowment is enduring, as well. The names and goals of our funds live forever.
  2. Flexibility. Work with us and you have the option of supporting many causes or working on multiple issues. We can find initiatives and organizations whose work aligns with your passions.
  3. Expertise. Our board of directors comprises community members representing Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties. Board members collectively offer a wealth of local knowledge, which helps us better identify needs and better serve our communities.

Giving in Action: Sara A. Ballard Volunteerism Fund

The Sara A. Ballard Volunteerism Fund grants scholarships to people attending the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, as well as schools in Washington and Michigan that undertake a “day of caring” project. It was established in honor of Sara A. Ballard by her parents after her passing in 2011.

The Community Foundation's mission to help donors change the lives of thousands of people in our community is an effort Sara was so passionate about.”

– Nancy Ballard

Donor-advised funds are a popular choice for donors wanting to have a say in their philanthropy.

Consider donor-advised funds

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