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We're passionate about creating vibrant, thriving communities in Michigan's capital region.
Start a Fund
We turn your charitable vision into action with fund options that help you strengthen and simplify your giving.
Nonprofit Support
We support our nonprofit partners through grants, donor gifts, and personalized coaching.
Rotary Park
And we transform the region with innovative community investment projects like Lansing's upcoming Rotary Park.


We work with donors of all giving abilities to connect their philanthropic passions to areas of need in our region. We manage over 400 named funds, from donor-advised funds for donors who want a say in how their money is used, field of interest funds to support specific causes like the environment or the arts, to undesignated funds that benefit any need in the community at any given time. Whether you have $10 or $10,000, we can help you realize your charitable goals.


We help local nonprofits, big and small, get stronger. We support nonprofits through our Impact Grant and Mini-Grant review process, where a volunteer committee meets to review proposals for programs throughout the region. And we have a Capacity Building Grant program to further support nonprofits and help them grow stronger. This includes grant awards, strengthened relationships between nonprofits and the Foundation, fundraising coaching, and much more.


We are committed to working proactively to better address our region's greatest needs. Our current focus is on placemaking projects that will make the community more vibrant, attract new and growing talent, and inject energy into the region's economic prosperity. Currently, we are leading and developing 13 potential projects to enhance the downtown Lansing riverfront in what will be the new Rotary Park. These will include an outdoor fireplace, a beach, new kayak and boat docks, shaded seating, and an event space under the Shiawassee Street bridge.

You love this community. We do, too.

Together, we are making an impact.

Our 2018 Impact Report highlights progress on our riverfront development, new initiatives we're taking to make the region more vibrant, and how we partner with nonprofits and donors to improve the quality of life in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties.

See for yourself!

2018 Impact Report

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